Our Philosophy

To diagnose what's on people's mind is not an easy task. No matter the experience level, people with decision making power face many challenges.

Those challenges range from how to best engage your audiences, how to best design their instruments, how to maximize the power of the behavior analytics, how to interpret priorities, unravel hidden connections, and more. The analysis stage is usually a barrier, because data analytics has a unique workflow which may not be the most intuitive and is a huge time sink if not done the right way.

In order to help Survature users achieve efficiency and precision, we provide extensive data-science user support. Especially, for new users, please consider our user support your "personal data coach"!

Reaching Us

Survature user support is available during normal business hours through "Contact Us" at the top of your user account page or through email. For most user support requests, our turn-around time is 24-hours.

Typical Support Items

Survature's data-science user support hours can be used for, but are not limited to, the following purposes:

  • User training
  • Consultation during the conceptualization stage of potential survey campaigns
  • Consultation and assistance to refine scope of projects and assembly of templates
  • Develop science-based templates for new use-cases (available only in select packages)
  • Theming to suit your brand image
  • Design support and technical support to set up social-media optimized campaign landing pages (available only in select packages)
  • Technical support and logistical coordination for campaign integration with audience sample providers
  • Technical support for programming fine-grained targeting as well as data overlays and the corresponding overlay segments
  • Consultation for projects that require mobile optimization
  • Technical assistance for embedding Survature instruments into 3rd-party websites
  • Consultation for the overall workflow of data analysis and visualization
  • Consultation and assistance for detailed analytics and results interpretation
  • Consultation and technical assistance to set up projects that aim for long-term benchmarking
  • Technical support for exporting and importing data products into enterprise BI platforms (available only in select packages)
  • Assistance with user accounts, group membership and access control


  1. Survature user support covers all stages of the data-science pipeline. Presentation creation and report development are not included, however.
  2. Survature's online knowledge-base is always available at: https://help.survature.com/