While Survature supports all advanced survey logic, we consider skip logic and branching logic, separately.

  • Skip logic can be set though the survey builder by the user.
  • Branching logic must be programmed by our user support.

Skip Logic vs. Branching Logic

There are two requirements for skip logic: (1) the next step (i.e. where the survey taker would go next) depends on the information collected on the current page solely, (2) the next step has to go forward (i.e. a higher page number).

If the logic you want does not meet the above requirements, it’s not a skip logic, but instead branching - the more complex form of survey logic. For example, suppose a survey taker is on page 4 at the moment. Where the survey taker would go depend on information collected on page 2, then this is a branching logic, not a skip logic. For another example, suppose the survey taker is still on page 4, but on of the options that can be chosen needs to take the survey taker back to page 2, then that’s a branching logic, not a skip logic.

If you need branching logic, please contact user support. We will program the logic for you as part of user support. We will also test the logic for you, to prevent any cycles in the logic that you would need.

Set Skip Logic via Survey Builder

Skip logic is set via survey builder. The logic is attached to each survey option. Look for this icon: . The following is a screen capture of a survey question with skip logic already specified, as indicated by the being shown in orange color. In this example, this question is on page 1 of the survey.

Clicking on any of the buttons will take you to the following UI, where you can change the skip logic for an answer.

Test Survey Logic

Whether we programmed the logic for you or you set the logic yourself, testing the logic is done through the survey’s Preview. Please specifically refer to the Lower-Navigation part of Navigation Controls in Preview.

Question vs. Page

We often get the question of “What if I want to skip from one question to another?” instead of “from one page to another”. In that case, we recommend you make those questions reside on different pages, so that the skip logic and branching logic can be effectively implemented.

There are a number of reasons for this design decision. Please refer to our help-doc on Making Questions Required for more information.

Randomized Order

AnswerCloud supports answer order randomization. The switch of randomization is the icon in the options bar near the question type graphic.

With randomization enabled
With randomization disabled

Piping & Templating

Survature does not currently support piping or question/answer templating. If you need these, please contact user support.