When kiosk mode is enabled for your survey, the closing page will refresh after a specified period of time. After the survey reaches the closing page, a timer will begin counting down the seconds. When this timer reaches 0, the survey will be reloaded.

Enabling Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is offered to our enterprise customers. To enable this feature, please customer support with your request.

Countdown Display Options

Surveys set to kiosk mode include two extra formatting options while in the survey builder: “Countdown” will insert a number into the page, which will count down the time until the survey automatically redirects or reloads. This will only display the digit, allowing you to customize the formatting and message surrounding the timer. “Finish” will insert a “Finish” button. Clicking this will bypass the timeout, and reload or redirect the survey immediately. This can be useful in situations where you would like to provide a comfortable amount of time for the user to read the closing page, but do not want to force them to wait for the timer to finish.

Multiple Survey Targets

When a survey is using multiple survey targets, it may be desirable to have some targets behave like a normal survey, while others have a kiosk redirect/reload. Each target can be set to a different delay before refreshing,

Each survey target can be be customized with a specific delay and/or redirect URL. Targets can also omit the redirect entirely, and simply stop at the closing page.

This can be useful in mixed-distribution use-cases. For example, an in-store kiosk collecting customer responses in the moment, combined with an email or social campaign distributing the same survey to users desktops and phones.

Redirecting to Another Page

Usually kiosk mode is used to refresh the current survey, preparing the device for the next survey taker. However, kiosk mode can also be enabled to redirect the user to another webpage upon completion. This can be useful for directing users back to your site after they have completed their survey. If you’d like to enable redirecting at the end of your survey, please contact customer support

Securing the Survey Device

If the survey device is in a public place, you may wish to lock the device to disallow users from visiting other sites, or launching other apps. In order to lock the tablet to a single website and survey, please reference the following instructions:

For iOS:

  • Enable [Guided Access] to restrict the tablet into only running Safari.
  • Enable Access Restrictions so that Safari can only access the Survey URL.