The most common use of the AnswerCloud is to have phrases appearing in the cloud of responses. You can also use images in the cloud, especially when it is easier to describe and communicate a concept using images as opposed to words.

Example Survey

Pictured below is an example of an image-based AnswerCloud that we shared regarding ugly Christmas sweaters (the corresponding Pulse article).

You can take that survey yourself here—

Example Results

When using images in the AnswerCloud, the images will also automatically render into the results page. For example, the following is the corresponding priority matrix. If you are looking for the ugliest sweaters that stood out amongst the group, pick the two shirts on top. The sweaters that stood out the least are the ones at the bottom. What is interesting is that all of these sweaters are considered ugly when looking at the rating consensus. This is a case where Survature’s priority rating makes a big difference by determining which sweaters really stood out despite the similar ratings.

Instructions for Setting Up Images in the AnswerCloud

Create the Survey

Create a draft survey through survey builder and add a regular AnswerCloud question that you would like to feature images. When editing the AnswerCloud question, enter a descriptive name for each of the answer options that correlates as a placeholder for the intended image. Using the ugly sweater example, “White Sweater w/ Tree” is better than “Sweater-01”.

Using the Images

Survature support can help you add the images into your AnswerCloud question, but that would count in your pre-allotted monthly user support hours.  Please contact our user support for that, by click on the help-bubble in the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard.

Adding images is entirely DIY too.  Please first make sure your images are of the same height (ideally of the same width as well).  Then, just drag & drop each image into the boxes, in which you’d typically type in the AnswerCloud answers in the survey builder.

If you need to fit 5 images on each row inside an AnswerCloud, please target image sizes around: 130px by 130px.  If you need to fit 4 images on a row, the image size can be around 210px by 210px.