There is no way to selectively delete survey responses. However, you are able to delete all of a survey's responses before a given date and time, which you may find useful if you take the survey by taking it before sharing it with your audience.

Start by opening the workspace the survey is in, locating it in the survey list, and then clicking on the action menu to the right of the survey's name.

Survey Action Menu with Clear Responses Highlighted
Locate and click on the Clear Responses action.

Now, select the date and time to use as the cutoff for deleting responses. Keep in mind that all responses provided before this date and time will be permanently deleted.

Screenshots of the open date and time selection widgets for the Clear Responses modal.
Select the date and time before which to delete responses.

After selecting the date and time, the number of responses about to be deleted will be displayed to help you make the correct selection.

Image of the Clear Responses modal with the responses to be deleted highlighted.
Check the number of responses to be deleted to confirm your date and time are correct.

Once you've confirmed that everything is correct, click Clear in the bottom right, and then confirm your selection to finish the process. At this point, you should see the new response count with the deleted responses excluded.

Image of a survey displaying the reduced response count.
The response count will be immediately updated to exclude the deleted responses.

If you need to exclude responses in the data analysis process that can't be deleted with the above approach, please use segmentation.

Please feel free to contact user support as well.