Can I customize the look of my survey?

Survature offers custom themes to make sure your survey fits your brand perfectly

We believe all Survature surveys shall be beautiful!

On top of the dynamic and user-driven survey taking experience, we provide custom theming on all Survature surveys. The theming makes your surveys appear and behave in your brand image. The design process controls more than 110 visual variables, which goes way beyond just adding a logo.

For enterprise users, your custom themes should have already been created during the onboarding process. If you need additional themes created, please contact user support.

For enterprise users, when you copy an existing survey that already has a customized theme, the new copied survey will have that theme automatically applied, even after you modify the copied survey to have completely different contents. If you have multiple themes in your organization and want to have a particular theme applied to a new survey, please contact user support.

For enterprise users, when you use survey targeting in your surveys, every survey target can have its own unique theme. Because there is no limit on how many targets you can use per survey (e.g. we once had a user who used 17,000 survey targets in a single pre-sales survey), we provide batch setup for that kind of requests. Please contact user support).

We respond to all theming related requests in 24 hours.