Are there survey templates for my industry?

Survature provides survey templates for a variety of industries, which you can use to quickly get your surveys up and running

Survey Inventory

Survature’s example surveys are designed to be used as templates to quickly build your survey projects.

These templates cover a large variety of industries and common needs. Once you’ve found one that you like, simple click its’ “Add Template” button. A copy of the survey will be placed on your account page, ready to be edited. Many of the examples can even be used right out of the box, without having to edit anything.

Survey Design

You might want to brush up on our “One Minute Survey” tips, to get the most out of your survey responses.

While designing your survey, please also consider how you will segment the data, develop the customer/employee profiles, and create the action priorities grids. To this end, the inventory surveys do not directly address your segmentation needs, because those are developed without knowing your unique business context. The following are some items to check out.

Get Help

If your needs are not covered by our inventory, please let us know. We’re always interested in hearing how our surveys are being used, and expanding our inventory to cover more diverse business scenarios.

Your subscription includes extensive user-support (support options). If you have an existing survey that you’d like us to survaturize for you, please just let us know as well. Our user support serves those needs on a regular basis. Be it a survey in a 39-page PDF file or as a back-of-the-napkin kind of outline, we can help survaturize your feedback process to work optimally on the Survature platform.