What support options are provided?

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Our Philosophy

No matter the experience level, surveys givers may have agonies before, during and after a survey.

Those agonies can range from how to best engage audiences, how to best design the survey, how well data analytics capabilities are enabled by the survey’s content, how well the priorities can be interpreted, and more.

Increasingly, the analysis stage also becomes a source of agonies, because quite often it’s a competition to impress the client of the insights you have. In order to be more efficient and effective, data analytics does have a unique workflow, however.

For all of these user needs, we provide extensive support on our typical subscription package to help our users be the oracle in your organization.

Especially, for new users, please consider our user support your Personal Assistant!

Reaching Us

Survature user support is available during normal business hours through online chat or email. For most user support requests, the turn-around time is 24-hour.

Typical Support Items

The user support hours can be used for, but are not limited to, the following purposes:

  • User training
  • Consultation during conceptualization stage of potential survey campaigns
  • Theming & optimizing survey taking experience to suit with brand image of choice
  • Consultation and assistance to refine scope of surveys and set up survey questions
  • Consultation for the overall workflow of data analysis and visualization
  • Consultation and assistance for detailed analytics and results interpretation
  • Consultation and technical assistance to set up survey projects for benchmarking
  • Consultation for survey projects that require mobile optimization
  • Technical assistance for creating reports and presentations
  • Technical assistance for embedding surveys on non-Survature websites
  • System administration of user accounts, group membership and access control