Can I create a survey to be taken in multiple languages?

For some survey projects where you have a global audience, you may need to use multiple languages.

Without Local Customization

Assuming that you are using exactly the same survey content (i.e. no local customizations) in different languages, this would be a typical multi-language survey.

On Survature, all languages are supported. However, each survey is one language only. Hence as typically set up, a multi-language survey essentially consists of multiple surveys, one per each language.

It is impossible to then coalesce different survey’s data to be analyzed via your standard Survature results dashboard. However, the main data products, such as pivot tables for benchmarking and action priority grids from different language versions can be easily coalesced together in support of your strategy development needs.

It would always be the best if you know which language version a survey respondent would prefer to take, that way you can target the right survey for each respondent via an email campaign. However, in case you are not sure and would like survey respondents to be able to choose which language version they’d like to take, that logistics to can be managed either in the survey email or on the opening pages of each survey, essentially by listing hyper-links of surveys of different languages.

With Local Customization

If your global project requires local customization of survey questions and answer options, your project is not a simple multi-language survey. Please consult our user-support for issues to watch out for.