How can I share control of a survey?

Group Settings

For an enterprise subscription, all accounts under your organization should have been created with group management already. In that case, your surveys as well as results are shared through the mechanism of group-membership.

The group membership is set and viewed on a per-survey basis. Please look for the “COLLABORATION” button under each survey. The following is a survey “Cyber Behavior Assessment”. The “COLLABORATION” is under the scheduling button.



Clicking on that button would open up a dialog like the following, which shows that the owner of the survey is “Jian”. “Blaise” and “Kurt” can access the content and results of the survey, but they cannot make changes to the survey.



To make changes to the groups that your enterprise accounts have, please contact user support.

Links for Sharing Analytics

With group-membership based sharing already enabled, if you want to share and direct your colleague’s attention to specific analytics (e.g. charts or tables), please use the Share Link buttons next to the charts and tables (as shown below.



Clicking on the Share Link button takes the user to the following interface where you can copy & paste the analytics link, that would allow Jian, Blaise and Kurt share their insights remotely.

Scope Limited Sharing

If your survey is using targeting and you’d like to share only the results related to a selected subset of survey targets with someone, please contact please contact user support.