Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Survature user accounts require 2FA as of October 1, 2019.

What is 2FA?

2FA is a form of multi-factor authentication that aims to confirm a user’s identity by going beyond requiring just a username and password. The leading practice for 2FA, and what Survature has adopted, is to require the user to provide information, in our case a 6-digit verification code, only obtainable from a specific device the user is known to possess.

Using 2FA on Survature

At 12am EDT on October 1, your Survature account will begin requiring 2FA. Upon your first login after this time, you will be given two options to set up 2FA. The setup process should take less than five minutes.

First, you will use the page shown below to choose whether to use your phone’s text messaging system (SMS) or an authenticator app to receive your 6-digit verification codes.


If you choose SMS, you’ll need to enter your phone number on the following screen.


If you choose an authenticator app, you will need to first download and install an appropriate app (eg Google Authenticator, LastPass, or Authy). Once done, scan the QR code on the following screen to allow the app to begin generating verification codes.


Backup Codes

In the event that you temporarily lose your device, you will need to use backup codes to access your account. Your backup codes will be shown to you immediately after the first time you use a device to verify your login information. These backup codes may only be viewed once through our site, so we strongly recommend you download and store them somewhere secure.


Six backup codes will be given, and each code will work once only (i.e. single-use). If you have exhausted all of your backup codes and need more, you should contact customer support.

Changing 2FA Settings

Should you permanently lose your device, you may change your 2FA settings to remove the lost device and add a new one as appropriate. Please note that you will likely need to use one of your backup codes in order to verify your identity before you may change these settings.

Contact Our User Support

We know that the initial process to adopt 2FA will require some adjustments regarding how you use our system. If you have any questions about this process, we’d love to talk with you directly. Please click on the Orange button in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard to reach us.